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Supporting Healthy Social-Emotional Learning While Staying At Home

Supporting Healthy Social-Emotional Learning While Staying At Home

April 27, 2020

Hanging on by a thread?

Even during the best of times living with young children can sometimes seem like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster. Throw in social isolation due to a pandemic and a total upheaval of your life and things can get even more emotionally challenging. We’re all feeling a little off right now. But for kids, the challenge is even greater because they are just starting to learn about their emotions.

Childhood is an important time for social-emotional development where we acquire important skills to identify, experience, process, and express feelings. We gain them slowly and then practice and hone those skills throughout our lifetime. Social settings like the cul de sac, school, or daycare provide a great venue for this as they offer plenty of interaction and conflict to practice and experience the natural social consequences of our actions.

But what happens when their training ground disappears and added stress enters the equation? Here's a resource to help you get through the tough stuff and support healthy social-emotional learning while you're staying home.

Be kind to yourselves and others.

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