Try a free Lil' Kickers class
Try a free Lil' Kickers class
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Having a ball starts with having a ball.

We know kids. And for 20 plus years we’ve led the pack in teaching them important life skills through soccer. We keep it fun. We keep it age-appropriate. We stay true to our roots, yet keep evolving. We help toddlers to 12-year-olds develop a love for the game… and so much more.

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Try a free Lil' Kickers class

Nationwide, Lil’ Kickers has been a source of fun and individual growth for over 1,000,000 kids.



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Try a free Lil' Kickers Class

Nationwide, Lil’ Kickers has been a source of fun and individual growth for over 1,000,000 kids.

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“My son has enjoyed this program more than any other he has been in, and he’s played A LOT!”

Suzanne H.
Mother, Seattle, WA

“They LOVE the imaginative games that are teaching soccer skills without them realizing it. It is perfect for their age. They love their coaches and look forward to soccer every week! Highly recommend- especially for those younger ones who need to start learning how to listen to other adults!”

Lindsey B.
Mother, Lenexa, KS

“All 3 of our kids have been in Lil’ Kickers because they love it. And because we could see them growing in skill and confidence.”

Jenny C.
Mother, Issaquah, WA