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Cure Boredom At Home With Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

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Cure Boredom At Home With Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

May 11, 2020

Some of my favorite family photos (and memories) are of my girls covered in paint, chocolate, dirt or whatever we had gotten into that day. Whether it was a backyard adventure, baking or art projects, my thought was dirty clothes were a sign of a good day.  I get that for some people that creates anxiety and a lot of extra effort in the laundry department—for me it signified we were out and about doing things and having fun.  

Since we are currently limited in what we can get into these days, I thought this crafts article could be helpful to cure some of the boredom that might be creeping in. I appreciate the projects don’t require a lot of materials and what you do need is often easily found around the house.  Check it out!  I’d love to see what you create!

Be kind to yourselves and others.

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