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Chores: Why They Matter And Getting Your Family To Help

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Chores: Why They Matter And Getting Your Family To Help

May 25, 2020

Chores. For many, the word instantly congers up eye rolls and drudgery—especially when it comes to getting your family to help.  Unfortunately, chores are a necessary part of life.  Starting your kids off early with age-appropriate jobs helps set the tone for your expectations, creates a family rhythm of getting stuff done, teaches them important life skills and builds a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

I started my kids off by helping clear the table after dinner as soon as they were able to sit in a booster seat at the table.  It was pretty cute watching them carry their plate as they toddled into the kitchen.  They were pretty proud.  And it soon became a habit (it’s just what we do).  As they got older their household chores increased.  And I have to be honest it wasn’t always easy for me to relinquish control over how and when they were done. It required a lot of patience and biting my tongue! That’s why I love this “Why Chores Matter” article from  It gives some great insight and suggestions for how to make this work for your family.  Hope you find it helpful!

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