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Spread The Love: Fun Activities For Valentine’s Day

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Spread The Love: Fun Activities For Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2021

Whether you love Valentine’s Day, think it’s contrived or fall somewhere in the middle, it might be fun to really celebrate it this year. Besides, love and friendship are probably what got us through 2020, so why not give those you care about a shout-out? Plus, it gives you something to look forward to. Check out these fun kid activities. There is enough there to last the entire month!

You can also make the holiday a little more festive by delivering some fun cards or treats to your favorite people. Heart-shaped cookies packed in Mason jars, tied with a red ribbon and a quick note of appreciation or a funny Valentine’s joke would definitely brighten up a friend's day. Or take a page from the Halloween playbook and instead of “boo-ing” someone, leave a treat or note from their secret admirer.

For you adults, why not plan a special night either for yourself or with a loved one. A little uninterrupted time-out with some self-care sounds pretty good. Or, what about a floor picnic with your favorite adult and some of your favorite foods. Maybe create a drive-in movie date night using your laptop and movie treats. Take a free online dance class. Spend the day together doing something you used to love to do together but can never find the time to do. Recreate your first date. Make a card out of your favorite photos using the phrase “all because we fell in love” and take a walk down memory lane.

Whatever you decide to do, remember a little show of appreciation goes a long way. It makes others feel great—and quite possibly will make you feel even better!

Be kind to yourselves and others.

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