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Kids ages 18 months to 9 years will have a blast experiencing Lil’ Kickers firsthand when they take part in a free trial soccer class.

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What are Lil’ Kickers and Skills Institute?

Having a ball starts with having a ball at your feet. We know kids, and we lead the pack in teaching them important life skills through soccer. We keep it fun. We keep it age-appropriate. Our weekly, 50-minute classes are based on childhood development theory and help toddlers to 12-year-olds develop a love for the game… and so much more. At Kick City Sports Park, we offer two programs to help kids learn and have fun. Choose the one that best suits your child today.

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Lil’ Kickers

Sports City at Epicenter in Santa Rosa offers free trial Lil’ Kickers soccer classes for kids. This is a great opportunity for families to introduce their children to soccer in a nurturing environment focused on developing skills, confidence and passion for the sport.

Our exciting soccer curriculum helps your child build coordination, focus, teamwork and more through engaging drills and activities. They’ll have a blast playing their favorite sport while gaining confidence, skills, and friendships. Our encouraging coaches use age-appropriate games to keep kids 18 months to 9 years old thrilled, engaged and enthusiastic about soccer.

What Lil’ Kickers soccer offers:

  • Fun drills and games
  • Focus on enjoyment, not competition
  • Improved coordination and confidence
  • Friendships with other local kids

See firsthand how our kids soccer program cultivates coordination, enthusiasm, and talent for the sport. Give your child the gift of soccer by signing up for a free trial session or registering for a season today at Sports City at Epicenter!

Skills Institute

Skills Institute at Sports City at Epicenter is a unique blend of fun, fitness, and foundational soccer skills designed specifically for kids ages 5 to 12 years.We offer free trial classes so you can see if it’s a fit for your child. Through engaging soccer classes, we help children develop their abilities while enjoying the game, making it an ideal choice for even the youngest soccer enthusiasts.

Here’s how the Skills Institute stands out:

  • Tailored, Age-Specific Curriculum: Curriculum is designed to engage and challenge kids, ensuring every session is both stimulating and age-appropriate.
  • Structured Instruction and Play: The 50-minute classes consist of 30 minutes of structured coaching and 20 minutes of small-sided scrimmages. This balance between learning and playing provides an enriching experience.
  • Personalized Attention: An optimal player-to-coach ratio of 10:1 is maintained to provide individual guidance, fostering each child’s unique path to success.
  • Character Development Focus: Beyond technical skills, the program encourages character development, instilling confidence, promoting teamwork, and teaching life skills that extend beyond the soccer field.

If your free trial class  resonates with your child, we hope to see them for a whole season!

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