About Karen Crowe, MA

From a clinical graduate degree program to play therapy with children who were abused and neglected to crisis intervention counseling to working with teenagers to developing programming for young children to finally (the most rewarding) raising my own three kids, my passion for understanding how to help children grow and thrive in an ever-changing world continues to grow. Pursuing knowledge and expertise in the world of human development since 1995 has given me incredible life experiences.I have been asked to share the knowledge and insight I have gained from these experiences on this platform. I hope it inspires, informs and comforts those who read it.


Vote. And when you do please make sure you really know what and who you are voting for. Here are some resources to help. Read more.

When Kids Argue

Kids argue. They just do. And it’s important we allow them to. I love this article from Seattle’s Child because it takes that thinking a step further. The advice suggests we look a little deeper at why things are happening instead of just responding to what is happening. Read more.

The Power of Play

Free play provides a vital platform for a child’s overall development. This article from Parents magazine gives some good insight into why simple, free play is one of the best things you can give to your kids. Read more.

Back To School?

Usually, a new school year is filled with a mix of excitement for reconnecting with friends and getting a little more structure in our lives and disappointment that summer flew by so fast. Now I’m not sure what to feel. I find myself struggling with desperately wanting things to go back to “normal” and adjusting to a new way of doing and being. Back to school is hitting hard this year. Read more.

Stormy Weather

We’re in rough waters. They’re unpredictable and hard to navigate. And most of us aren’t really trained to be so seaworthy. But, as many before us have done, we can and must persevere. Read more.

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

This year has been especially painful. It’s hard to process. As my emotions about our current state of affairs continue to swirl, I find myself thinking even more about how my words and actions impact and influence others. Am I walking my talk or are my words simple platitudes? Do I live out my values? What am I really teaching my kids? Read more.

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