History of Lil' Kickers

Initially, Lil' Kickers was a program we developed for our four indoor soccer facilities in Seattle, Washington, called Arena Sports. Today, Lil' Kickers is an international franchise with more than 100 locations in 27 states and provinces, with a total enrollment of 900,000 kids and growing!

When we started Lil' Kickers in 1999, we knew we wanted to not only fill our off peak hours, we also wanted to make a difference in kids' lives and the community. This philosophy has been the driving force of our business and it is the main reason for our success. We didn't want to only have a roll-the-ball out soccer program, so we ingrained Child Development Theory into our curriculum and systems.  As it turns out, it has also become a great business opportunity for facility owners across North America.




Our mission is to inspire people. By building trusting relationships, together we encourage discovery and ignite self-confidence. We model self-reflection and perseverance. With every challenge and failure, we look to ourselves to see how to improve.

Our fun and safe environment facilitates continual growth and learning. We concentrate on the experience and not necessarily achievement. We applaud effort. We compel others to be resilient - understanding that growth is a lifelong practice of attitudes that point to pursuing one’s potential.

Our responsibility is to positively equip lives. Our instrument is our program. Our quest is to impact the world. We do so as people live out this mission.